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1. The Salvation Army

2. A euphemism for the US Army
Oftentimes, as we discuss our country, we think in terms of our strength being the military. And I happen to believe it's important to have a strong military to keep the peace. ... The true strength--(applause)--the true strength of the country is the hearts and souls of our citizens. That's the true strength of America, see. Government can hand out money ... but government cannot put hope in a person's heart or a sense of purpose in a person's life. That happens when a loving soul, like Charlene puts her arm around somebody who hurts and says, what can I do to help you? What can I do to make your life a better life? How can I, a citizen of America, interface with you, to help you understand there is a bright hope and a better future? No, the strength of this country is the hearts and souls of the soldiers in the army of compassion.
by Kent Hang October 15, 2004
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