A person or mammal who, in a game of Natural-Selection (a half-life mod) persistently sits in front of the armoury getting more ammo.

Whilst doing this he/she becomes incapable of even basic human functions such as speech, hearing or killing the alien which is in the process of killing his/her team-mates.

They are widely hated by most other NS players, who have far better things to do, like beg the commander for a shotgun.
Omg you n00b armoury humper! Get through the f**king phase gate!!!!11
by Nil_IQ January 6, 2004
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A software created by ASUS ROG, for controlling and utilizing most of ASUS ROG products
Mẹ nó mấy loz SPC phá đéo tả được, xài Armoury Crate đéo xóa. Để riết hư mẹ máy
by Damn VinhHungw December 7, 2021
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