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When your in real life in a REAL situation playing a game usually airsoft or paintball and the 13 year old behind you attempts to use his "experience" which extends no far than Call of Duty 4 to lead the way like hes hot shit or something, literally the guy that could be with 12 Airborne Rangers and would say "guys Ive done this before" and try's to lead the way. Usually results in him being wrecked terribly in which case he blames it all on his team.
armchair commander example:

armchair commander: guys I got this down don't you worry about me
*12 other ex-military guys with 15+ years of experience*: But that would get us all killed....
armchair commander: no listen to me I'm going to go up follow my lead
mil guys: ok we will be right behind you *quiet* ditch this armchair commander, hes so chairborne I can hear the game control squeak.
by rower200 May 23, 2009
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