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1. a sense of frustration that leads to anger which inturn that leads to repetitive curses of "bullshit" and "what the fuck"
2. a constant complainer/whiner.
e.g. Quit being such an arkon.
by John Kimble September 10, 2003
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A fat GBX nooblet who knows know equal. This is due to the fact that no one else is quite that obese. This creature stays indoors at all times, because it's fat stink permeates the air. Nobody likes this animal because it is fat, it smells and most of all it's a GBX'er. GG faggoteer, Magistrate` owns you.
Arkon, contrary to what you may think, you are the most idiotic person I have never met. Oh and, I'm the one who is omniscient, not you.
by God. March 28, 2005
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