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An apocalypse brought upon the free world by the life-sucking aristocratic top 1% of the population, who are also known as the undead because of the way they heartlessly feed off the life force of the middle and working class.

Usually identifiable by the hordes of undead trolling through the streets of Washington D.C., hedge fund executive offices, wall street, bank offices, or your local luxury shopping mall, growing fat and smug as your medical insurance payments become larger than your medical bills and force you to make the choice between covering your family members with insurance or buying groceries to feed the family you can't support even though you have a good-paying job. Meanwhile, your spouse is out of work thanks to the governor slashing $24 million from the state's education budget while he gives the rich oil companies $43 million in tax breaks so their corporate executives and hedge fund managers can feed their undead appetites.
"Man, thanks to the aristocalypse, I can't even walk the streets anymore."

"Why? Are the mega-rich accosting you on the streets?"

"No. They sneaked through the back door and raised my insurance rates so high I couldn't afford the medicine for my Multiple Sclerosis, so now I can't walk."
by ArmstrongEditorial October 22, 2011
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