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A combination of two words: "aristocrat" and "brat", meaning a
spoilt aristocrat, a wealthy and stubborn person. Derogatory.

First mentioned in the film "Hitch".
Bud 1: Jon stole the Ferrari of his father and cross every trafic red light in the way to school.
Bud 2: He's a fucking aristobrat!
by etzelet November 03, 2011
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a rich kid who's really snotty, bitchy, and flashes her money around alot.
Georgina: Oh, look, I found 50000 in my purse. Oh look, it's my Lamborghini waiting for me! Oh, Rachel, don't come any closer; you might spill 'commoner' on my Gucci and Dior.

Rachel: Georgina is an aristo-brat. She's so bitchy and horrible.
Tia: She threw her Coke bottle at me. Threw!
by Ezza Kezza July 10, 2011
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