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a creepy looking man or woman or a combination of the two usually around the age of 18 to 45 constantly loitering the local arcade. they waste their money on games such as DDR, initial D, soul caliber, teken 5, ect. all the money that these kids have left over is spent on drugs such as pot and alcohol. most of them are child molestors. on rare occasions there may be 2 or 3 13 to 14 year old creepy girls who are attracted to these people who become arcade kids later on in life.
Sarah: look at that creepy kid over there with falls.
Kayleigh: wow. he is very attractive. i think i would like to fuck him.
Ericka: Hi Brandon. want to play some DDR?
Adam: would yall like some cookies? i made them special for yall.
Sarah, Kayleigh, and Ericka: WE LOVE THE ARCADE KIDS!
by Nicx June 21, 2006
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