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Photokeratitis or ultraviolet keratitis is a painful eye condition, caused by exposure of insufficiently protected eyes to the ultraviolet (UV) rays from either natural or artificial sources. Photokeratitis is akin to a sunburn of the cornea and conjunctiva, and is not usually noticed until several hours after exposure. Symptoms include increased tears, a feeling of gritty pain in the eyes.

The injury may be prevented by wearing eye protection that blocks most of the ultraviolet radiation, such as welding goggles with the proper filters, a welder's helmet, sunglasses rated for sufficient UV protection, or appropriate snow goggles. The condition is usually managed by removal from the source of ultraviolet, covering the corneas, and administration of pain relief.
timmy: whats up dude

tom: ive got arc eye, it hurts soooooo bad
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