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People born without developmental issues, who one day decide it'd be cool to live life as the harmful, irrational people they have aspired to become.

You may be familiar with an arbitrard if you've noticed:
1. those who refuse to wipe their butt-crust off the back of toilet seats
2. when something goes awry, you can bet a gazillion bucks they'll assign blame to everyone but themselves
3. a know-it-all
4. in the midst of an argument, irrational people who refuse to contemplate evidence staring them straight in the eye
5. people who personify Albert Einstein's supposed definition of insanity....they literally rehash the exact same stuff and wonder why nothing's right

Please compare to stundard
Gerald: Nope, nu uh. I'm telling you that your couch cannot pass through your front door. It just won't happen.

Hank: Aw, come in. It WILL work. Just trust me, 'kay?

10 min later....

Gerald: I told ya we shoulda gone through the garage to begin with!

Hank: Stop bitching and pass this couch through the door without damaging it!

Mike: It's the path of arbitrards to always disregard his friend's advice while utilizing his free labor.
by Ucan'tGAGthisJOKER February 10, 2014
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