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An appliance car is generally a car that's only made for one thing: to get you from A to B as cheaply as possible and without any trouble. In other words to get the job done. Often, they are compared to appliances such as washing machines and microwaves. More than often you have problems finding them in the lot after your Wall-Mart adventures because of their total lack of style and presence. Though, they might come in a variety of colors, they are still beige. Beige in a way that they lack anything to be desired and beige in a way everything is beige at your grandparents' house. People who drive them usually say they are trying to be "green" and they are doing their part in saving the planet, but the statement they are making is basically that they are too cheap to pay for fuel and that they don't really care about anything that's exciting in any way. Usually you find these people in these beige cars driving under the speed limit on the left lanes of the interstate right next to a semi clogging up traffic, totally oblivious of any fucking thing around them. At the same time you are 2 feet behind them riding their ass and flashing your lights and raging in desperation that they will merge right. But instead, you are a moron too for not realizing that these people are FUCKING DUMB and use their rear view mirror exclusively while waiting for the light to turn green, while they pop zits and pick their nose.
an appliance car can be linked to the following:
any 4 door toyota, any 4 door honda, geo, saturn, chevy aveo, hybrids, and oh my fucking god any scion that isn't the TC.

-Is that a fucking fridge on wheels, dude?
-Close, it's a scion.
by hausmeister March 18, 2012
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