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A game invented in October 2009 at First Flight High School where participants use the word appletart or some of its variants. Originally it was focused on who could say it the loudest but has evolved over time. The ways to play include:
1. Who can say appletart the loudest?
2. Who can say appletart the most in a game?
3. Who will say appletart last?
4. Who will day appletart in the funniest or most awkward situations?
5. What word will be matched when someone says appletart? Will it be appletart, applepie, poptart, or something else?
1. kid 1: Appletart.
kid 2: Appletart!
kid 4: There goes another appletart game.

2. I love playing the appletart game. Appletart!
by appletartkid July 16, 2011
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