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The first weekend in May when the entire town of Winchester, VA goes crazy. Vendors come out and set up carnival-style games on the Old Town Mall aka Midway. Apple Blossom is also notorious for being a drinking holdiay. There are parties everywhere and drunk people stagger around the town like nobody's business. The town sets up fireworks and there are three parades on Friday, Sturday, and Sunday. Schools close normally for a few days for an extended weekend and the Apple Blossom colors, pink and green, are everywhere. It is supposed to celebrate the blooming of the apple blossoms throughout the land...fuck that lets just get drunk.
Last year at Apple Blossom I filled my camelback with beer and walked around all day on Midway with friends playing ridiculious carnival games.

by Se7enEi8htNi9e April 05, 2009
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The best holiday ever. Family style Mardi Gras in the small town of Winchester. Everyone comes together, even the people you have never seen before come out. schools close, and the town shuts down to focus on the parades and festivities. You get drunk and party it up all day long. PINK and GREEN are the only colors you see. there is more carnival food than you have ever seen before and walking through the streets have never been so hard! simply amazing!
Have you been to Apple Blossom?
by KBake April 17, 2008
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