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A bunch of bellends who hate on apple for no particular reason other than to get sexual satisfaction. Generally found on YouTube comment section, these morons will go on a nerd rage hating on apple and how expensive and shit their products are, even though A) They are not, they are just like any other product out there and B) Apple have never done anything to them to make them act this way.
They do this because they have no life or nothing better to do. All of this is just because apple is not to their taste, and/or because their jealous poor losers who's parents wont buy them apple products because their pathetic little shits. Most apple bashers have never owned an apple product or if they have, usually an iPod, due to this, they have no right to judge products they have never owned.
Another thing apple bashers do is say that all good reviews of apple products are paid and is bias bullshit, which in itself, is bullshit.
It's commonly known that they Dutch rudder each other while shoving android devices up their asses and eating shit off their PC/Laptops.
The example is the usual bullshit their rages entail, their arguments Usually contain 80% supposedly-facts bullshit and 20% supposedly-true opinions.
Apple basher: OH MY GOD, how shit is the new iPhone? it costs like $1000 and only has 2 cores in its processor? that technology is from the 19-fucking-50's. Macs are soooo over priced, their quad core processors are so out of date. Pcs are so much better and their quad cores are so fast, so much faster than the macs. Specs mean everything and i can judge because I know everything about computers and have read plenty of reviews of apple and everyone agrees that apple products are shit and for faggots.
by Wayne king January 09, 2014
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