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Aparthied ( "apart-hay-d" )

Aparthied is an Afrikaans word that defined the seperetion of white people from any others in south africa from 1948 untill 1994, when Nelson mandela was like.. alright fuck this shit. no more white power. lete me equal niggas.. but now its basically just reverse aparhied. in southafrica all the crime is from the black population. and another shit thing is theres 1 white cop to every 150 black cops.. so were fucked.. people wonder why.

Aparthied was so harsh on them that they had different benches, bathrooms, restaurants, busses and areas they they could only use or enter. if they were caught using a white facility, they would be fined either 50 rand ( 5 dollars more or less) back then. that was a months salary for them.. you could buy 2 loves of bread with 2 cents ( 0.15 dollars... goddamn american exchange rate).. Back then. some rich mo'fos moved to cowies hill
if 50cent was in southafrica during aparthied, he would've written sings about cutting cane, killing white farmers and sexing up every ones black nanny's.
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