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The time that comes after 11:59 pm, exactly midnightish sometimes reffered to by "educated people" as "midnight" or "12:00 am"

Variations on spelling-Anti Noon
Last antinoon i had a lan party...with ur mom
by cotobh2 January 16, 2007
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Anti-noon is the preferred term for "midnight" when speaking to the Baddest-Ass MoFo on the planet, Baron Luke Robert von Steinke. It was coined by him while speaking to his partner-in-Badassery, Lord Andrew Barnetticus the Drifty. Use with EXTREME CAUTION. Over-use can lead to the abuser being know as an anti-poon.
Dude, I work second shift, from four 'till Anti-noon.
by Jollyroger1210 October 19, 2010
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