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Jewish people have a way of discouraging behavior that enures to their detriment without having to delve into the murky motivations of the actor-- they term the act "antisemitic," and the actor is therefore "antisemitic." It's time that Blacks have a similar semantic tool. Too often when debating racial politics, we get bogged down into whether the actor is a racist or not. It's time we let the actor, his conscious, and his god figure that out. But if an act has the effect of damaging the interests of Black people, we can deem it antinegritic, and the actor an antinegrite, whether he is racist or a white supremacist. Therefore, an antinegrite is anyone (even a Black person) who acts against the interests of Black people.
Damn, Jaqueel, didn't you know that refusing to study makes you an antinegrite?
by Spartacus1960 December 27, 2013
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