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1)(adv.)(an-ti-CLAM-ass-id-IK) Nonsense word used to test the mental acuity of others.
2)(adj) To describe a person who does not like the taste of Clamato juice, or takes issue with clams being combined with any other form of acid.
Origins: Anticlamicitic is a new word that is the result of a typo during a converstaion with a very cute but clearly distracted boy.
1) "So, in closing, I would like to reiterate the anticlamicitic nature of this proposal." (Wait for knowing nods from the intellectually inferior, so you don't invite those people to the bar after the powerpoint presentation is complete.)

2) "All you had to do was tell the waiter you were anticlamacitic when he offered you lemons, you didn't have to go apeshit on him like that!"
by blabigail October 29, 2008
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