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A word said in exclamation as a response to something repulsive, sexually or otherwise.
Yo, would you ever tap Jibbs?
by Deshawnn October 14, 2011
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Something uncool, unflattering, and just flat out what you do not want to be.

The "anti-bow" phrase is formed from the term "bow," of which can mean cool or groovy. it has many other aspects of cool and can be used either when:
1. a high-quality and athletic play has been made like a slam dunk.
2. a young pupil gets a 100% on a test.
3. the young pupil that has received the 100% is also very attractive and walks by you. Thus, leaving you in a trance where the only phrase to be muttered is "bow."

Using the term "anti-bow" would be done during the opposite of all these occurrences. For instance, when the high-quality and athletic dunk is denied by the opposing team.
*A track hurdler trips over the last hurdle by showing off with a 360 spin because they are in the lead. They get last place*

Track fan: "dude...anti-bow."


Friend: "No! Lisa broke up with me!"
Other Friend: "Lisa? I thought you were dating Beth."
Friend: "Oh yeah...yeah you're right."
Other Friend: "Whoa man. Anti-bow much?"
by Megaman457 May 09, 2011
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