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Let's it all out as greatly as he can. He likes the little girls.
-11:04:38am- <Corrupt> worse thing is, on the bus to school
-11:04:42am- <anti_pop> yeah, I think he just wants to get out and see the sights
-11:04:53am- <anti_pop> Maybe you just just poke it out the side of your pants and give it a view
-11:04:58am- <Corrupt> get off the bus trying to hide me god damn knob
-11:05:27am- <anti_pop> corrupt, what are you doing that for, Thats a perfect chance to rub it up against people without them know it
-11:05:34am- <zodiaz> hah
-11:06:05am- <Corrupt> my bus is full of little grade 8'ers
-11:06:13am- <anti_pop> even better
-11:06:23am- <anti_pop> They are new to the ways of the world
-11:06:25am- <anti_pop> and wont press charges
by VM February 28, 2004
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