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As one may think, anti-shninkus is the opposite of the multi-function word shninkus. it is more of a cultural word to the Basissians, the native people of the uncreative island Basis Land. It is a form of a comeback, and can be used to negate the effects of shninkus. Then again, it makes no sense to the modern homo sapien, due to the fact that the Basissians are so advanced compared to them.

When shninkus and anti-shninkus are used consecutively, a magical thing happens. The memory of the people who said it is modified, so it is as if it never happened.
God Al, you're a shninkus!
No, I'm an anti-shninkus!

*negate, negate*

Uh, where were we?
by Lunas February 21, 2007
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