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noun /ˈæn.ti-rɪˈsɜːtʃ grəˈneɪd/

An object thrown at a person to distract them from the important research they should be doing.

An anti-research grenade should be something irresistibly interesting to a person. It is usually tailored to the persons specific interests. For example you may toss a small puzzle to a fan of riddles and games, or you may toss a light saber pen to a fan of Star Wars.

The victim must be doing research at the time of deployment, or the anti-research grenade will be ineffective.

A successful anti-research grenade should render the victim completely unable to perform any sort of productive activity.

An anti-research grenade is not something that the victim will be forced to spend time on, such as an open container of spaghetti. It should be something that the victim will willingly choose to spend time on so that the blame for their inactivity will ultimately fall upon the victim.
I threw a toy car with magnets on the bottom at Aaron and yelled, "anti-research grenade!" It was super effective.
by T-mix September 20, 2011
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