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When you take off the sheet from your bed, cut 2 holes in it for your eyes to see out of, and then wear it to cover your body so you won't get raped.
"Wow!" "Do you think the WallMart will one day stock anti-rape wear for us Muslima's?

"Well until they do, let's just wear the bed sheets!"

"Hey look at this photo that was taken off us girls..."

"Hrmm... which one are you?" "I can't tell... where all wearing the same color sheets and I can't see who is who..."

"Oh shit!" "What was the point of taking that picture?"

"Well the background looks interesting I guess..."

"Oh wait... I found our anti-rape wear in another catalogue under Halloween in ghost costumes."

"I'm so excited I feel empowered now that I will be celebrating Halloween every day of the year!"
by The Moody Poet January 23, 2007
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