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A lifestyle lived by people who know: that a penis makes you a boy and a vagina makes you a girl, Socialism doesn't work, Communism really doesn't work, and that Global warming is a hoax perpetrated by Albert Gore, former Vice President of the USA and 1st place loser in the 2000 presidential race.

Anti-Prius people usually drive trucks and have a general dislike for hybrids and their driving. They see hybrid drivers as pretentious ass clowns who have more money than brains.
"Dude! Eric is so Anti-Prius that he farts diesel smoke."

"You can't marry that girl, she drives a hybrid and thinks her farts don't stink. She will never let you go to the mudbogs. You are way too Anti-Prius for that gash."
by Patriot509 February 25, 2018
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