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A dude who has serious issues with women in real life and it spills over into his private gaming world that he uses as a way to escape his real life inadequacies. He cannot handle it when a girl out frags him in his favorite fps or when a she has a better understanding of strategy and uses her mic to voice her ideas. He makes is position clear by doing one of the following;

1. Mimicking the girl’s voice anytime she dares speak in game.

2. Griefing his girl teammate.

3. Calls her a dumb bitch (or any other derogatory term) in order to take her down a notch.

4. Asks to see her boobs. This is his way of reminding her she is only boobs and her sole purpose is to provide men with boobs, also he is dumb enough to believe she'll show him her boobs.
Gamergirl: C'mon team we can take this point if we all move in on the left and flank them!! Go Go Go!!!!

Anit-Gamergirl: (in put-on shrill tone of voice) I dumb girl me girl dumb face!

Gamergirl: Pardon?

Anti-Gamergirl: Show me yo boobies BIIIIIAAATCH!
by Kitalpha March 23, 2010
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