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A forum originally made for those who hate Smartania.

It was made to be taken seriously, but is a sad joke for several reasons:
1) The admin of anti smartania quickly forgot his own password and left forever.
2) The admins of Smartania were really the only ones there flaming Smartania. This was done as a joke and with exagerated leet-speak, caps-use, random japanese insertions etc.
They hoped that the smartania-defenders would catch up to the joke, but sadly they didn't and had to be told.
There are doubts as to wether the board was ever frequented by any Smartania haters but the long-lost admin.
3) In spite of points one and two, there are still people writing on the anti smartania board every once in a while, and none of it funny or clever, just sad really.

Posts on anti smartania, once a joke, now...

One of the early posts (Feb. 21, 2005):
"omg u r my ppl!!!! ~*kawaiistarrshyyne no miko*~, the same thing hapend 2 me wif my freind!!!! the smartmeanyia ppl were so meen 2 her beutiful fics!!!!!!! they were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gud 2!!!!!!!! they were so meen she took dwon her wunderful gravitaon/malice mixer/harry poter/salor moon/friends crosover 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it was RITE B4 tatusha and mana wer gonna have sex!!!!!!!!! now ill never no if snape ezcaped his abusiv relashunship with chandler 2 find TRU LUV in the arms of tuxido mask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Later post (Nov. 5, 2006):
"Taco Taco Taco"
by Svataben December 09, 2006
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