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1. A person with a big heart and a big cranium

1. To finesse or outsmart with that cranium

2. To comfort

1. Slow but shiny, but that's why it's still around
Noun example:

Person A: "Did you hear about the Anthony Keiser that asked me out?"

Person B: "No, but was he nice?"
Person A: "Actually, he was nice. He has a big heart but also a big head."
Verb example:

A:"Yo I Anthony Keisered that French test last period!"

B:"Oh fr fr"

A:"Yes I didn't study at all"
Adjective example:

A: "This car is very Anthony Keiser. It's slow yeah but it's shiny and cool. So that's why it's not in the junkyard"
by Joe SchmΕ“ June 04, 2018
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