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1. NOUN- A break than is longer than necessary or allowed. Usually this means overstaying one's 10-minute paid break, but it also can refer to cheating a lunch break by clocking in and then going back to the lunchroom to have another piece of cake.

2. NOUN- An sneaky extra break taken when no one's looking, the only evidence being the mysterious food crumbs on one's face upon return.

The term Anna Break has spread outside the workplace and practically everyone who worked there now uses it to refer to any time they walk away from what they were doing to sit down and play solitaire on the internet, etc.
Person 1: Hey, can you cover me during my break? I'm probably gonna go on a long one seeing as there's no customers anywhere.
Person 2: That's cool...have a good Anna Break.
by haiwatsup March 13, 2009
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