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An absolute bitch who everyone hates. Usually self centred, artificial and usually a black girl who thinks she white. Loves to walk around with boobs on display. She thinks she is damn fine, though really she is super ugly, generally has a hidden dark side. Hates to keep the peace , loves drama! Will usually be a distraction to everyone life and loves to steal friends so hold on tight to em. Boyfriend stealer, extreme bragger, very possessive. Something off about them from the very start.
" what is that girl's name, she is such a bitch"
" it's Ann-Maree"
"I knew it!!!!!"

"Oh please don't let there be an Ann-Maree around me, it's bad for my aura."

"Hey guys, grab your friends, Ann-Maree is coming"
by Assfghjklisdestiny January 17, 2014
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