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anmol fatima is a enthusiastic person, she is very intelligent and beautiful. She is always ready to offer an ear to listen to and will always be there for you no matter what. She "turns on" the oppisite sex 'oh i will never forget that anmol'. She is loving and caring. Anmol can get annoying but its good to be around with an anmol. She is a very good and trusting character. In life if your ever friends with an anmol dont forget her always keep her. She can be a clumsy slut. She can be dangerous and hurt people but never intentionally. 'Oh anmol i cant believe that!' 'She done it intentionally'. She is a great person. In life if your an anmol you are going to have the best friend anyone would dream of.
Body such an anmol anmol fatima
by lauraxo January 10, 2014
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