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anjulia is a very beautiful person on the inside and out. she is one of the most kindest, and loving person especially to her family and friends. Although she is big hearted to those who do her right she does not take bullshit from nobody or anything. She's very independent and likes things to be done right. Anjulias are one of the most strong willed persons you will ever encounter. Also anjulias can be very stubborn at times but it's ok from all the love they bring to us! If you have an anjulia as a sister, mother or bestfriend you are very lucky cause she will take care of you, love you and will always be there for you no matter what you are going through. They also have really good skills of cooking, giving advice, being a good mom, and the ability to always make you laugh even on your worst days.

who's that person shes beautiful and seems really loving, but at the same time I can tell she don't take shit from nobody?

she must be an anjulia.
by anjulia December 21, 2016
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