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Cool, Calm and Collected. Anjellica throws all energy at everything she knows. She’s really smart and knows what feelings are. Anjellica doesn’t like rejection or the word no. She’s a know it all and aggressive but in a nutshell a real submissive. She tends to be athletic and daring with a great body. Causing her to have a highly intuned sexdrive. Anjellica is always angelic in presence, but can be the devil if needed. If you know an Anjellica they’re sure to be better off and ahead. But, will slow it down or regress to accommodate to others. When you’re new to Anjellica, don’t alter her state, it’s most likely all she knows, since she gives all energy. Being that Anjellica is naive to others and gives outstanding sympathy, she forgets she exist. And can remove her world just to give it to you, while she has nothing. Anjellicas are rare, so please cherish them so you can get the very best them. In bed they are in charge but always know their place. They’re extremely great at being themselves and make really great life partners. Just be very considerate because they’re the jelly to your bread and will in fact, make your life sweeter.
Anjellica would’ve had this figured out and token care of already. Why didn’t you call her?
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by Droppinggems April 03, 2018
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