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(ani-stay-sia) n. comes from anniestalion, a horse from russia that is extinct.
1. Anistasia is a very well rounded person who does not know how to use her common sense that she has so much of. When locked into a room with one other person, she may rant about cuddlefish sex.
2. It is also a sex position in which the woman hangs from a pull-up bar with the man underneath her is in the bridge position as he ejaculates into her anus and she pushes it out onto his stomach.
1. Dude who's that chick talking about cuddlefish sex? -Mackenzie
Oh, that's just Anistaisa. -Austyn
2. Did u hear that Josh and Keri did the Anistaisa with a target bag?? -Thomas
Aww that's sick!! -Rhona
by stingrayanus July 18, 2012
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