A series of symbols and characters that make up something that looks like a face. Usually used in online chatrooms, games, and instant messages. Also called an emoticon, but generally used when making a face that looks like something you might see in a Japanese anime. The same anime face can also be represented several different ways, such as ^_^ may be ^^, ^^;, ^-^, etc.

Different anime faces you may see: ^_^, >_>, <_<, v_v, -_-, ;-;, T~T, o_O, O_O, o_o, O_o, etc.
Bob: Hey Brenda.
Brenda: Hi ^_^
Bob: How are you?
Brenda: Not good -_-
Bob: What's wrong?
Brenda: I have lice >_>
Brenda: T~T
Brenda: It's probably my anime faces... ;-;
by Sean Christie October 16, 2005
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Little faces that cna be made by clcicking shift and using the number keys above letters on key board.
^-^ = happy other forms ^.^ ^^ ^_^
O_O = shocked, omg, kinda thing other forms O_o O.o O.O o.o
._. = another form of O_O only a little stronger
-_- = annoyed, ugh, oh boy other forms -.- -_-; -_-'

-_-; O_o' ^-^' = extra things showed here are sweat marks meaning thing that shock and or embarras one.
by Wormtail June 27, 2005
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This is to do with Wilbur Soot's 'I'm In Love With An E-Girl', an absolute classic.

Now who is Wilbur Soot you may ask? Well he is a man who fell in love with TommyInnit many years ago.
"She's got a picture of an anime girl's face!"
"Just a single"
"Nothing more"
"Send her rubbing up my ethernet cord"
by GiggleOfficial August 20, 2021
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