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major dramawhore, camwhore , attention whore , and overll dumb bitch who craves attention by attempting to troll irc channels, shows her pictures to anyone who will look. Has a new online boyfriend every week. She is from somethingalwful forums which makes her feel like she is a somebody because everyone knows her their for her cam-whoring , cybering , and constantly trying to be a lulz queen which she is not. Even they are tired of her and she is now banned from #sa irc as well as numerous other channels and networks.
Angyl was in the channel earlier scrolling and trying to find someone to cyber with.
Angyl thinks she is the queen of lulz but in reality she is just an attention whore.
Where there is Angyl, there is drama
by btardsaregay March 14, 2007
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Angyl is a name given to someone whose parents wanted to call them Angel but decided to be a bit extra with the spelling. Often called angle, angly or anyl by illiterate fucks. If you want your child to grow up saying "um it's actually angel" then this is the name for you. Most angyls are pretty misunderstood. Just like their name.
"Is angle here? Angle I'm calling your name, answer please"

It's angyl..
by Jokerandthetheif May 07, 2018
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