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The 'upside down U' is where Angry White Woman's mouth should be. As for the 'humongous thumbs,' tests by scientist-type dudes are underway to prove the existence of gravy, which has been widely assumed by the general public. While all fingers on Angry White Woman's hands are found to be scary (due in part to their sheer mass), the thumb region takes the cake as they are as wide as they are long.

Odd hairstyles usually accompany Angry White Woman, and are often found to be on the side of extreme. Angry White Woman does not use beauty shops, instead, enlisting the aid of 'friends' to lift her wig.

Angry White Woman is often found to be eating, and is never without some sort of a luggage-type bag filled with chips, candy, and other food-like substances.

Also, when not playing Keno, Angry White Woman can be seen laying around the apartment watching 'Law and Order' in one of its many forms.

Angry White Woman is the ultimate mooch, as she knows not the meaning of the word 'work.'
Christy-Bee lays around P-Did's crib watching Law & Order SVU (instead of getting out and looking for a job), and is quite the Angry White Woman.
by His Royal Throbness May 16, 2005
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Noun, a woman will an ass ton of self-loathing, an upside down U perpetually on her face,a gravelly voice asking if you're gonna eat that, humongous thumbs (thought to be fill with gravy)and spends most of her day playing Keno.
Abbreviated: AWW
Mistee gained 20lbs in gravy weight and became an angry white woman.
by poofu's girl May 12, 2005
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