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Cocktail, also known as a bullseye. Consists of 50% red wine, 50% red bull, though more commonly red rooster is used instead of red bull as it is way cheaper.

The best fucking drink in the world to get fucked up on, but causing you to shout incoherently at traffic - hence the name.
Dude 1: Did you just pour red rooster into your wine?

Dude 2: Yeah, it's an angry tramp. Try some.

Dude 1: (tries drink) wow, that's fuckin awesome. Can I have one?

(2 hours later)

Dude 1: fuckin... CARS! I'll give you... somethin to beep about. Yeah BEEP BEEP. I remember, I was... This way? Yes.
by Okotoimako November 06, 2011
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