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A devilishly delightful woman with a pension for speaking her mind and being utterly dismissive of all things that do not interest her. The sort of girl that one one finds fascinating and captivating in spite of all indications that she is clearly bad news, disinterested, and most likely a health hazard.

A woman with entirely too much prowess, confidence, intelligence, and cunning, yet with little or no personal compassion and the capacity for prolonged fondness.

A woman who will eventually not only break your heart, but who probably promised to do so the day you met and you would have believed her.
"I can't stop starring at that Angry Dane, and I'm pretty sure she hates my guts by the way she just told me to fuck off."

"There's no point in falling for that saucy wench, she's just an angry Dane.
by Ziegenbäuerin September 12, 2014
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