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Angod also Angad
Pronounciation: 'än-'gäd

1. (noun) Angod, Chile, located in Chile, South America. 34° 0' 53 South Latitude, 70° 55' 30 West Longitude

2. (noun) Angadia, located in the North Pacific Ocean, 19° North Latitude, 158° East Latitude

3. (noun/adjective) An Angadish person

4. (noun) An Arabic name
1. Man that llama ride to Angod was long!
2. Angod sure is small!
3. Hey look, it's an Angod!
4. Sup Angod Magglio-Homendagho
by Nabuta Kolohonta November 03, 2006
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Stands for "A nice good outstanding day". It means you're have a good day. Like you did something good today so you had "Angad".
"Mommy can I go to buy candy". Said Jake. Katty said "Ok, you just need to be here by 3:00 PM. "Ok, I will!". Said Jake. Jake goes buying candy. He comes back. "Katty, I'm here!". Said Jake. "How was your day today". Said Katty. My day was Angod! "I'm glad. Said Katty.

"Time to go to school". Said Brandana. Max said "Ok!".... "Have you got a good day in school?". Said Brandana. "Yes". Said Max. "Well now we are going to a restaurant!" Said Brandana. "Woohoo". Said Max! "I'm going to have Angod
by Awesome_Epic_Dude September 12, 2011
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