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andy_boo is a narcissistic person who loves him and only him. He is a weeb who likes to watch anime and draw it to and is generally good mat it he has loads of friends but only one online besides his sister (so sad). Hes friend is always being insulted by him and only wants to be praised by him. He is the brother of two sisters (him being the youngest) he doesn't really like them but would rather hang around with the oldest( lilly). Andy_boo has hes own harem of hes own which consist of hes closes friends (girls). He is also very chubby but very cute (why he has hes own harem), hes hair length is around 29cm (not accurate), hes eye colour is a light brown. One of Andy_boo's many quotes are ''IT'S NOT GAY IF YOU SAY NO HOMO'' He has many other quotes. Andy_boo is generally a very funny person to be around and has very good assets.
andy_boo is my senpai
by Meonkai May 24, 2018
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