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Proof that you can murder your entire family of children and not suffer one ounce of consequence thanks in whole to the United States Criminal's Justice System. "Sentenced" to a mental hospital for whatever couple of years it takes before she is free again, like her children are not.

Proof also that there is no way to stop an established mentaly ill person from having more and more babies at her now divorced but "supportive" ex-husbands' demand.

America the beautiful.
Andrea Yates filled the tub with water and beginning with Paul, she systematically drowned the three youngest boys, then placed them on her bed and covered them. Mary was left floating in the tub. The last child alive was the first born, seven-year-old Noah. He asked his mother what was wrong with Mary, then turned and ran away. Andrea caught up with him and as he screamed, she dragged him and forced him into the tub next to Mary's floating body. He fought desperately, coming up for air twice, but Andrea held him down until he was dead. Leaving Noah in the tub, she brought Mary to the bed and laid her in the arms of her brothers.

Oh yeah, she's redeemable.
by justicefornone July 26, 2006
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