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Very Intelligent and kind. Anastaisha is a very Intelligent and Kind person, Anastaisha is goofy and is a very energetic person who loves to make people laugh. Although Anastaisha loves her friends very much she will cut fake friends off very quick if needed... Honesty is a flaw and a charm of Anastaisha she is very honest and at times her honesty can hurt some people's feelings she is a very feirce person and is very rare to find.....If you ever find an Anastaisha don't let her go for she is one of kind!
"Do I look good?"- Samantha
"You want me to be honest"-Anastaisha
"Okayyy you look horrible"-Anastaisha

"No sweet coding huh"-Samantha
"Nope u want the truth there it is"-Anastaisha
by gigi_hema99 May 19, 2018
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