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n. The goodies that lie inside your lovers ass hole, that are their for your oral/penal picking.
or, the outgrowth of the seed expunged into a man/woman's anus when they do not wash or douche it out quickly.
Ted: Last night, I totally got a taste of Emily's anal fruit. But she can't have mine. She CANNOT HAVE MINE! I'M NOT GAY DAMMIT!
Tom: Wow...what was that all about?
Ted:.....Tom...I think I want to wallow about your assy citrus groves.

John's anal fruit grew into a full grown disgusting mass in Tammy's dirty, dirty diseased ass.
by Grammar_Freak_17 April 18, 2008
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can meen one of the following:

some one who has fruit in their anus

someone who is an idiot but also a homosexual.
"your an anal fruit!"
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