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One who takes cock up their ass at the discresion of the giving man.
Bend over you anal bitch, I want sex.

Your such an anal bitch, you take it like a hungry slut.
by JohnCarr September 09, 2006
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An anal slut.

When you so-want anal sex.

When you are craving cock in your ass.
"I am getting desperate. I want cock up my arse, I am an anal bitch. Give it to me. I want to feel your warm cock up my ass and cum in it. I want to feel your hot cum dripping deep up my asshole. Then in my mouth. Oh please."
by JohnCarr September 09, 2006
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You are the bottom in a gay relationship. You give it up at anytime, you have no choice... you are an anal bitch.
Hey tim, bend over im about to fuck you up your ass, you little bitch.
by Adamdaman21 July 20, 2005
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angry women who partake in the act of anal sex while screaming profanities at the top of there lungs.
dude! your moms were such anal bitches, when i pulled out they screamed" it hurts so good you cock sucking, fuckhole!!!!!!!
by sunck January 02, 2010
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