The most beautiful island in washington state. Everyone knows your name, your life story, and your mom. It's a town of atleast 50% retired folk. Many families have stuck around generation after generation. It isn't uncommon for your teacher to have taught your parents too. There's an abundance of churches, banks, and coffee places. Bowling and Quarter Mania is actually popular among the teens. Everyone drinks too much and smokes a little too much weed, but hey, so do thier families. There's one high school, and one middle school...and you have no privacy. Cruising the Berto500(the gut, commerc) is a pasttime of almost everyone from generation to generation. Somethings never change.
The people are happy, friendly, generous, caring, well off, and fairly intelligent.
We are an island connected with a bridge.
Anacortes is a town of 14000 individuals.
by xoxoxo K October 9, 2007
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A white ass bitch who thinks she can take photos, be a model or thinks they are popular. A girl who is fake she’s a snake and loves drama even if the drama doesn’t involve her she has to be a part of it. A girl who only cares about her social media making it look perfect with edited photos. A girl who thinks her life is sooo hard. A girl who party’s only with popular people. A girl that has Starbucks almost every day. A girl who thinks she’s better than everyone. A girl who thinks she’s hot but isn’t. A girl who is a snake. All of these are a anacortes girl
Did you see those anacortes girls with baseball boys thinking there hot stuff.
by Ruberducky69 March 19, 2018
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