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A loser, who cannot make puns to save their life. Also, extremely uncool. (This message was approved by Kanye West)

A sprawling, urban jungle - everything is concrete, and in shades of grey. A road splits the street in two, buildings adorning either side of the road. Two boys walk along the street; they're wearing Cool Person Sunglasses (TM).

They stop, and survey their surroundings. They have an air of nonchalance; everyone can tell that they are, in fact, the coolest of the cool.

A third boy stumbles through the street; from his walk, it is evident that he is Not Cool. He sways as he walks, and looks ridiculous. As he passes the other two boys, he attempts to greet them by giving a strange, faux-salute. It's another misguided attempt to be cool.

As this third boy leaves, our two heroes converse:

BOY 1: That guy is totally, like, uncool.
BOY 2: A veritable font of uncoolness.
BOY 1: Uncool to the power of 8, one might say.
BOY 2: In fact, I'd go as far as to say that he fits the label of.... "an apeeling banana".
BOY 1: So uncool.

Boy 2 nods in sage agreement.

BOY 2: The uncoolest.

by OdinNorse7 May 08, 2014
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