One of the greatest female comedians of our time. Best known for her role as the disturbing and grotesquely-lovable character Jerri Blank in "Strangers With Candy," where she co-starred with Stephen Colbert (who played Chuck Noblet) and Paul Dinello (who played Mr. Jellyneck).

She got her start at Second City in Chicago, where she met Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert. Sister of David Sedaris, and well-loved for her acting as well as stories told about her in David Sedaris' writings.

Amy is well-known for her famous quotes, including:

"When you work from your home and johns call on the phone, you're a call girl. When you walk 'til you limp and give a cut to a pimp, you're a street whore. When they're beggin' you please to get down on your knees near their groinage, excusa me, but you see, don't you touch where they pee without coinage."

"I cried when I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet. And then I laughed REALLY hard." (This one has been engraved on a silver-plated jewelry box. Trust me.)

(about her chicken, Suki) "She'll eat grapes out of anywhere I put them... Anywhere."

"I'm not adopted and I'm not an Indian. It's just a coincidence that I have a love of gambling and booze and a knack for catching syphilis."
"Did you see Amy Sedaris on Letterman last night? She has a new movie coming out and it's AWESOME. Check out how hot she is when she isn't wearing that Jerri Blank fat suit!"
by Arocky September 20, 2006