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Pronounced several ways.
1: (A.M. P-Dick) Meaning its in the a.m. and I gotta Pee dick !

(a.m like the morning and p like pee )
2: (AMP Dick ) I woke up this morning with an AMP dick.
(AMP can go either way A M P dick or Amp like the word short for amplify)
am p dick
Woman: Where you going I thought we were going to do the deed.
Man: I have got to hit that toilet let off some pressure Ive got a.m. p dick.
woman: I see :(

AMP Dick
woman: looks over to the man lying next to her. says Is that a tee pee you have under their?
man: No! :) its AMP Dick!
woman: In delight. well lets not let it go to waste!
by The.Sniper December 06, 2016
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