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He is a jolly person, with cuteness and hotness combined. He chooses his mates wisely and is really nice with girls. He is witty and sexy. He tends to be good but when rubbed at wrong side one may recieve a volley of punches. Girls always have a secret crush on him. He gels in every group easily. He may wonder aimlessly sometimes. He is caring towards his mates in his good books. He is optimistic. He is often ignored in groups but it doesn't affect him much. He learns from everybody and from every situation. He can convert his foes into mates easily if he wants. He leads his own way. Basically he is the best alpha man one can find.
Aww, he is so nice to me like amitoz.
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They are one of the coolest and sexiest alpha males, who know each of their action well. They have a sixth sense and understand people the fastest. They form good friends with girls. They are supportive, available to their friends, super intelligent. They are very dense full and use logic liberally. They are more of no crap person. They love endlessly, especially their friends. But one shouldn't be in their bad books they are very sharp and one could get a bloody nose if they provoke them.
He is always available. He more like amitoz.
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