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Amigdole is derived from the Hungarian word "amig" meaning "until" and the Slovak word "dole" meaning "down".

Given two elements of the set of all people, ask yourself the question, "Who would I rather trust with my life?" Assuming that answers are complete and transitive, we can establish an ordering of the set. You can look at a list and find names of your friends and people you like and trust, "until down" in the list where there are people with qualities that you detest. This is the motivation for our definition of amigdole.

Amigdole is a label given to a hypothetical set of people who posses all of the characteristics which you strongly dislike.
Consider the following: I hate business people. They do dumb and unethical shit just to make more money.

Clearly, this is a straw man argument.

On the other hand: I hate amigdoles. They do dumb and unethical shit just to make more money.

The difference is that the former presupposes that the detestable trait is necessarily associated with the set of people in question while the latter does not.
by lubglb October 11, 2010
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