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Fat, ignorant americans who don't have a clue of anything which is not american. They are particulary ignorant in geography world cultures and world history. They think the US owns the world (a world which they don't know anything about). They never vanture out of the US and only go on holiday in the US itself.Ah..and they're always talking about which country the US should attack next without even knowing anything about that country or where it is.
'I was talking to this american women when I asked her to name one European country. She answered "Ah! there's that one with the kangaroos!" ....She is such an americantrash'
by maljoabe May 10, 2009
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An American who believes the world revolves around them. They generally believe anything they read in books, watch on TV or any other source. These people are mostly uneducated, ignorant, dense and lazy. American trash, in a nutshell, is an uneducated, dense, lazy and ignorant American who believes the world revolves around them.
by Billy Bob Joe Jonson June 12, 2017
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